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Düsi's Internet Playground is a production of

düsi computer software 
Daniel Schwinn
Römerturmstraße 25
73547 Lorch

Phone: +49 7172 926060

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Daniel Schwinn

Copyright Notice

All games and contents on InternetGames.de were programed and developed respectively by düsi computer software and are copyrighted and accordingly trademarked. An integration of the games into other homepages, that means hosting of the files on other servers, is illegal without expressed and written permission. This allowance is usually only given after the purchase of licenses.

Due to recent happenings we'd like to emphasize that the adaption of design elements on our pages - how it happened to our Christmas decoration several times - is only allowed in direct connection with articles on or links to our page. Every other kind of publication of the graphics is seen as copyright infringement by us.

Recommended Addresses for Links to InternetGames.de

If possible, when linking to our site, only the here mentioned addresses should be used. In the cases of possible reorganizations of the page or the relocation of single parts onto other servers these addresses will be kept. Especially concerning the download pages - also in the interest of your visitors - please link to the download pages and not directly to the files, as their names and addresses may be changed without further notice.

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