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Dot Trouble Version 1.00se

Download DotTrouble.zip (62 kB)

Instructions for Downloading:

After clicking on the link the browser will begin to load the file. Shortly after this most browsers show a query asking whether the file should be opened or saved. Choose the option to save the file. The archive contains the file TROUBLE.EXE, which can then be extracted to an arbitrary folder or onto a disc. We recommend to create the folder C:\TROUBLE and to put the file there.

Starting the Program:

The program can be started by opening the file TROUBLE.EXE (by double-clicking), this also works directly from a disc or from a CD (if you burn the file onto a CDR, for example).

In most Windows operation systems you can create a new shortcut by right-clicking the file. If this shortcut is put on the desktop the program can be started directly from there. In the property menu of the shortcut the checkbox "close on exit" on the "Program" tab should be checked.

Dot Trouble always saves the highscores in the file C:\DCS\TROUBLE\TROUBLE.HSC. This file is - if a highscore has been achieved - created on the harddrive. The highscores aren't saved if no harddrive C: exists.

Technical Requirements:

Dot Trouble works on every PC with MS-DOS, OS/2 or Windows 95/98/ME/2000/XP (not compatible with Windows Vista).

The program doesn't need any special system resources and is both suited for older PC models (at least 4.7 MHz, VGA, 640KB, DOS 3.2) and recent devices (e.g. Pentium IV or AMD 64 with Windows XP).

Notes on the Copyright:

All copyrights of Dot Trouble belong to düsi computer software ( ) and the authors respectively.

Dot Trouble Version 1.00se can be redistributed privately as long as it is given away free. Commercial distribution or profit making, even its support (e.g. as an advertising gift) is not allowed. It is also not allowed to offer the program for download or to include it in collective works. Licenses for commercial use can be purchased from us.